Idaho Criminal Records

  • Idaho has 1,654,930 total people (FBI, 2015).
  • Idaho is the 12th largest state by population.

Court System

  • The Magistrate Division hears criminal cases punishable by a fine or imprisonment in county jail and civil cases where the money amount is less than a specified amount. They also handle juvenile, family, and probate cases.
  • The District Courts deal with felonies and more major civil cases with a larger amount of money involved. They also hear appeals from the Magistrate Division.
  • The Court of Appeals hears appeals from the District Court and appeals that are assigned to them by the Supreme Court.
  • The Supreme Court establishes statewide rules and policies for the entire court system and they deal with all civil and criminal appeals from lower courts.

Crime Statistics for Idaho (FBI, 2015)

Crime Category Reported Cases National Rank
Violent Crime 3,568 7th / 51 (Very Low)
Murder 32 8th / 51 (Very Low)
Rape 694 12th / 51 (Low)
Robbery 192 3rd / 51 (Very Low)
Aggravated Assault 2,650 8th / 51 (Very Low)
Property Crime 28,858 10th / 51 (Very Low)
Burglary 6,124 11th / 51 (Low)
Larceny Theft 20,863 10th / 51 (Very Low)
Motor Vehicle Theft 1,871 8th / 51 (Very Low)