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Mississippi Criminal Records

  • Mississippi has 2,992,333 total people (FBI, 2015).
  • Mississippi is the 19th largest state by population.

Court System

  • The Youth Courts handle all matters involving the abuse or neglect of minor or actual offenses committed by juveniles.
  • The Municipal Courts have jurisdiction over misdemeanor crimes, municipal ordinances, and traffic violations.
  • The Drug Courts are a type of special court who try to help drug-using offenders through drug treatment and intense supervision by the court.
  • The Justice Courts have jurisdiction over small claims civil cases where the amount in dispute is $3,500 or less and they handle misdemeanor criminal cases.
  • The County Courts share jurisdiction in with the Circuit and Chancery Courts in civil matters and they have concurrent jurisdiction with the Justice Courts in all civil and criminal matters.
  • The Chancery Courts have jurisdiction over cases involving equity issues and domestic matters.
  • The Circuit Courts hear felony criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits.
  • The Court of Appeals is an error correction court and it will hear cases that are assigned to them by the Supreme Court.
  • The Supreme Court is the court of last resort, but it will hear all appeals from the lower courts.

Crime Statistics for Mississippi (FBI, 2015)

Crime Category Reported Cases National Rank
Violent Crime 8,254 16th / 51 (Low)
Murder 259 30th / 51 (Moderate)
Rape 1,203 17th / 51 (Low)
Robbery 2,294 19th / 51 (Low)
Aggravated Assault 4,498 16th / 51 (Low)
Property Crime 84,790 20th / 51 (Low)
Burglary 24,799 29th / 51 (Moderate)
Larceny Theft 55,748 19th / 51 (Low)
Motor Vehicle Theft 4,243 14th / 51 (Low)

Criminal Preview in Mississippi