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South Carolina Criminal Records

  • South Carolina has 4,896,146 total people (FBI, 2015).
  • South Carolina is the 28th largest state by population.

Court System

  1. The Municipal Court which has jurisdiction over the ordinances of the municipality and over offenses that do not exceed $500.00 or imprisonment over 30 days, but they do not have any civil jurisdiction.
  2. The Magistrates Courts have criminal trial jurisdiction over penalties that include a fine and follow the Municipal court requirements. They also conduct preliminary hearings and issue arrest and search warrants, while also having civil jurisdiction in cases that do not exceed $7,500.
  3. The Probate Court has jurisdiction over marriage licensing, estates of the deceased, guardianship of incompetents and minor settlements under $25,000. They also have involuntary commitments for the mentally ill or chemically dependent persons.
  4. The Masters-in-Equity Court has jurisdiction over the issues the Circuit Courts have presented them with.
  5. The Trial Courts (family courts) deals with family matters and relationships.
  6. The Circuit Court has general (trial) jurisdiction and has limited appellate jurisdiction over appeals from the Probate Court, the Magistrate Court and the Municipal Court.
  7. The Court of Appeals, which hears appeals from the circuit and family courts.
  8. The Supreme Court has appellate and original jurisdiction, it makes the rules for the courts and administers the persons of the court as well as dealing with bar admissions and the discipline associated with lawyers and judges.

Crime Statistics for South Carolina (FBI, 2015)

Crime Category Reported Cases National Rank
Violent Crime 24,700 33rd / 51 (High)
Murder 399 36th / 51 (High)
Rape 2,297 32nd / 51 (High)
Robbery 3,931 27th / 51 (Moderate)
Aggravated Assault 18,073 37th / 51 (High)
Property Crime 161,245 35th / 51 (High)
Burglary 34,551 35th / 51 (High)
Larceny Theft 113,724 34th / 51 (High)
Motor Vehicle Theft 12,970 35th / 51 (High)