Wyoming Criminal Records

  • Wyoming has 586,107 total people (FBI, 2015).
  • Wyoming is the 0th largest state by population.

Court System

  • The Municipal Courts operate in every city and town. Their job is to cover ordinance violations and they have the power to give criminals fines up to $750 and send people to jail for up to six months.
  • The Circuit Courts have limited jurisdiction, but they still handle many minor crimes. This would include family problems, small claim cases and civil cases that do not exceed $50,000, misdemeanors, and sexual assault cases.
  • The District Courts perform similar duties as the Circuit Courts, but the cases are at a higher level. The District Courts have general jurisdiction and deal with cases involving felony criminal cases, large civil cases, and probate matters, but they can also hear appeals from lower courts.
  • The Supreme Court, which hears appeals from the District Courts and lower courts and decides which cases to open hear. The Supreme Court also has the power to interpret the statutes if an issue does not align with an exact statute.

Crime Statistics for Wyoming (FBI, 2015)

Crime Category Reported Cases National Rank
Violent Crime 1,302 1st / 51 (Very Low)
Murder 16 2nd / 51 (Very Low)
Rape 173 1st / 51 (Very Low)
Robbery 59 0th / 51 (Very Low)
Aggravated Assault 1,054 2nd / 51 (Very Low)
Property Crime 11,151 1st / 51 (Very Low)
Burglary 1,762 0th / 51 (Very Low)
Larceny Theft 8,797 1st / 51 (Very Low)
Motor Vehicle Theft 592 1st / 51 (Very Low)